Massaging the penis is a great way to improve penis size, erection quality, sensitivity, etc. There are numerous ways to massage the penis, which may help with male enhancement.

Penis massages might be beneficial for men with ED, small penis syndrome, weak sexual energy, etc. Such massaging techniques have been used for thousands of years for male enhancement.

The other benefits of penis massages include:

  • Increased blood flow to the penis.
  • Higher stimulation during sexual activity.
  • Relaxation of the penile blood vessels, tissues, etc.
  • Greater longevity of intercourse.
  • More sexual satisfaction.
  • The improved length and the girth of the penis.

There are several benefits of massaging the penis. Hence men should massage their penis regularly.

Some ways to massage the penis are given below.

How To Massage The Penis: Milking Technique

It is one of the many massaging techniques that are useful for male enhancement. This technique is quite popular due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

In this technique, you have to massage the penis by using the thumb and forefinger. Make use of proper pressure in this technique.

Generate up and down movements while performing the massage. Make sure to use a suitable oil while performing this technique.

To perform this technique several times a week to see the benefits.

How To Massage The Penis: Jelqing

It can be considered as the most well known and familiar technique for male enhancement. It is widely used as a means to improve the size and erection quality of the penis.

This technique involves using your forefinger and thumb to form a ring. These are the steps in this massaging technique:

  • Slowly drag the circle to your penis head from the shaft of the penis.
  • Lower it back to the shaft.
  • Do this for around half an hour.
  • Doing this with an oil like olive oil can be beneficial.

This technique should be performed daily to see good results from it.

How To Massage The Penis: ‘Sharpening Your Knife’

This is a technique used in ancient Chinese traditions. The Chinese claim that it improves male sexual energy and masculine traits in men.

These are the steps to perform this technique:

  • Take herbal oil and gently rub it over your penis.
  • As you rub the oil, gradually start increasing the pace.
  • With a rigorous pace, stroke the penis 40 – 50 times.
  • Stroke the penis with adequate force, but make sure you don’t injure yourself by pushing too hard.
  • This technique can be practiced a few times a week. Initially, you may start by lightly stroking for 20 – 30 repetitions and slowly work your way up.

How To Massage The Penis: Gentle Massages

One can massage the penis with simple, gentle massage techniques to improve blood flow and relax the organ. Such massages are especially useful for men who are just getting started with penis massages.

A simple penis massage which can be performed gently, is given below:

  • An oil like lavender oil can be useful for this.
  • Apply the oil over the penis and gently start rubbing it in light strokes.
  • Retract the foreskin and move it back up in a slow continuous manner.
  • While performing this massage, make sure to be gentle and slow with your movements.
  • You could wash your genitals with warm water after this to further relax the penile tissues.

Performing this technique each day will be beneficial for promoting healthy blood flow and relaxation of the penis.

How To Massage The Penis: Auto Erection Technique

This technique is quite beneficial for improving the length and girth of the penis. This is attained by maximizing the erections achieved during sexual arousal in men.

Here are the steps to apply this technique:

  • Take hold of the shaft of the penis.
  • Move the hand towards the glans part of the penis.
  • While placing the hand on the glans, gradually release it.
  • Performing such strokes will result in constant tapping of the fingertips near the glans.
  • Do this massage for several minutes.

Some Reviews From Men Who Use Massaging Techniques

John L. Treadway, 39, Indianapolis

“ Performing massages on my penis has helped me strengthen my erections significantly. I used some Ayurvedic oils to aid my massages. It has also helped me be more relaxed during sexual activity. This helps me enjoy sex much more than before. There are numerous ways to massage the penis, and almost any man can benefit from them.”

Brad M. Miller, 29, Pittsburgh

“ I used to perform the milking technique along with penile exercises to curb my premature ejaculation. Within weeks, I noticed an improvement in my ejaculatory control. My intercourse duration has increased to a considerable extent. If you are looking to perform penile massages, I would recommend using an essential oil along with the massage.”

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